Join Slackline US Today!

This month we've pulled out some of our favorite stock footage to help cut a promotional video for our friends over at Slackline US. 

Here's what Wingate Motion Director Scott Rogers has to say about the project:

"I’ve been slacklining for over 14 years, ever since I saw someone with a line up at a climbing competition when I was back in high school. Slacklining has taken me to some really amazing places: Thailand, Brazil, the Middle East, all over Europe and the US. Through all of these years in all of these places, one of the best parts of slacklining is consistently the amazing community of people. Slackliners are some of the best folks on the planet! Whenever I take off to go slacklining somewhere away from home, I know I always have a couch to crash on. And now some of those same folks who make the community so strong have taken things one step further and started the US National Slackline Association.

Wingate Motion finished this video for them a couple weeks ago and it really helps to outline the great things that they’re doing for slacklining in the US:

·        Education
·        Access Issues
·        Accident Reporting
·        Rigging Programs
·        Stewardship Projects

They’re basically the Access Fund of the Slacklining World, and they’re going to be doing some really awesome things this year. If you like slacklining and you live in the US, please consider becoming a member!"

Andy Lewis on a Highline in Moab.