Visualize The Adventure

Wingate: the formative layer of sandstone most prominent in the Colorado Plateau, provides a perfect surface for climbing, highlining, BASE jumping, and all other activities that we at Wingate Motion enjoy doing in our free time.

With our team of seasoned adventure athletes and top-level photographers, we strive to produce, direct and publish some of the industry’s most spectacular visual media - from the canyons of the American Southwest to the peaks of the high Himalaya. Using ultralight cinematography equipment to maneuver over cliffs, ice fields, and high risk avalanche zones, we are able to get ‘the shot’. We tell the stories that are hard to capture, with passion for storytelling only surpassed by the passion of the people in the stories themselves.

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-WGM team

What We Offer

We are a boutique in-house production company capable of performing a variety of tasks at our home office in Moab, UT or anywhere in the world within a few days’ notice. Wingate Motion is a perfect fit for the following production needs:

We are highly specialized in the following:

  • High Angle Camera Deployment and Operation (you want a camera on the top of that cliff over there? We’ll get it up there before you can say “go”)

  • High Altitude Camera Deployment Operation up to 8000m

  • Ultralight Rigging Services

  • Still Photography Services

  • Logistical Production Services Specializing in under-developed Countries


In-House Cinematography Equipment

  • RED line & Complete 6k RED Workflow

  • Arri Alexa Mini & Amira – UHD & Complete Arri Workflow

  • Aerial Photography Services

  • Ultralight Sony 4k Raw Operation & Workflow

  • Full Post Production Services

  • 360 Virtual Reality Video in UHD

  • Story Development & Production Design

  • Location Scouting

Scott Rogers - Director 

Scott is an adventure photographer and athlete who currently resides Moab, Utah. His specialties include motion and still photography of rock climbing, slacklining, BASE jumping and expedition photography. He has been climbing and slacklining for 15 years, skydiving and BASE jumping for 11 years, and shooting high quality content for as long as he can remember.

“For me, the biggest part of getting a good image is immersing myself, without reservation, completely in the moment I’m trying to capture – whether that’s a BASE jump that you yourself are going to do along with your subject, a group of children in a rural village in the Himalaya and you’re playing some sort of impromptu game of charades in four different languages, to capturing the true gamut of the human emotion through authentic adversity, courage and success. I try to capture the truest essence of a moment in time, as I saw it and as it unfolded, and recreate that to share. You can’t achieve that if you’re watching from a distance, you need to be an integral part of the community you’re documenting.”

Scott’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including the front page of the New York Times, Outside Magazine, and in catalogs, commercials and advertisements across the globe.