Moab UT - GGBY 2015

In the pristine desert canyons of the high Colorado Plateau, climbers, highliners and BASE jumpers gather every November for Moab’s Thanksgiving week festivities. Instead of hanging with the in-laws, we gather as outlaws, rebels of the modern world, eschewing modern ideologies to craft some of the most amazing spectacles never-before-seen. Massive spider webs strung above 500 foot canyons, ziplines, acrobatic swings, highlines, parachutes, and the most talented adventure athletes in the world: all together in the amazing landscape of Moab, Utah.


What really sets this event apart, however, aren’t the daily world records, the epic desert dance parties from sunset to sunrise, or the spontaneous concoctions of adrenalized genius, but the amazing community of people who gather together to make the event happen. This community shares an ethos of uninhibited adventure, inspiration, creativity, and in doing so, collaborates to achieve the inconceivable. This is a film about that community, how they come together as a family, not around a common table to feast, but around a common idea to play, create, grow, and to collectively push the boundaries of the possible, for no specific reason other than it’s the most fun you can have this side of the divide.