Hipster Holidays for Adventurers-  10 days in Nepal's Forbidden Kingdom

- Coming Fall 2016

The Story

Beards, 1950’s-era British motorcycles built in India completely unfit for off-road travel, an unpaved road to Tibet in the Himalaya, aerial views from mini-paragliders strapped to bikes, and one of the most famous Buddhist festivals in the world were all components of a bucket-list hipster holiday for adventurers. Five friends set out from a resort town in Nepal, Pokhara, and drove Royal Enfield motorcycles for ten days to the once forbidden kingdom of Mustang.

The wind-battered, isolated roads leading to Tibet created a trip-of-a-lifetime environment for world-class athletes eager to take a page out of the millennials’ playbook, while collecting experiences, fostering camaraderie, and participating recreationally in the sports that have previously defined their lives, pursuits, and records of accomplishments.

Without a script or guarantee of a record-breaking feat for sponsors or film crews, the team solidified their plan to travel to the Tibet border via Royal Enfield motorcycles, while carrying the smallest paragliders on the planet, only a week before the trip began. This is a story of how seasoned adventurers found renewed passion for unfamiliar experiences by taking on new skills while stepping back from bigger, faster, further, hard-core attempts in their pasts. Because half the group was relatively new to paragliding and the other half was new to motorcycling, each individual appreciated engaging in new, challenging experiences for the entire trip and creating a catalogue of epic moments of personal struggles and successes.